Monday, June 25, 2007

Training for Economic Growth

Due to the fact that Omni have 3 of our recent new starters beginning their NVQ training this week, I thought it would be worth mentioning how much benefit both the employee and employer can gain from providing training such as this.

So what is an NVQ exactly? – they are work related and competence based qualifications demonstrating that the person has the knowledge and skills required to do a job effectively, and that they are competent in the area of work which the NVQ represents.

They are important for both employer and individual as they not only help improve productivity and competitiveness, they also have the added benefit of improving employee performance and motivation, lowering staff turnover, providing better relations with staff and management (always helpful!) AND can also help the employer to benchmark standards and provide training which is specifically targeted to meet both individual and business needs.

Topics such as this were recently brought into the public arena following the Leitch Report which assessed the UK’s long term skill requirements. Scarily, it was identified that we are falling behind countries such as Germany and France in skills within the workplace – in other words the people within your organisation are a major untapped resource!

A series of recommendations were made including increasing adult skills across all levels and increasing employer’s investment in qualifications in the workplace. This will help us to become a world leader in skills as opposed to continuing as we are and observing diminishing economic growth (quite a frightening prospect).

As a result of this Omni currently have a quarter of their workforce involved in a variety of further qualifications to improve their skills and to help develop individuals to meet the company’s business needs, these include Management NVQ Level 3 and NVQ in Business Administration Level 3, Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and CIPD courses.

So jump on the bandwagon and ensure your company and its employees are helping to contribute, not only to YOUR growth and development but also helping the UK to become a world leader in skills, ensuring our long term prosperity.


Nicola said...

My NVQ Level 3 in Management is well under way!

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