Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Here we go again...

Well that was some hiatus! I’m going to call it a blogging sabbatical because that sounds better I reckon. Whatever the case we’re back up and running so I’m going to try get back to posting here a few times a week at least.

As a brief update on what’s happened in the last 3 months: we’ve moved offices, I’ve changed jobs, we’ve hired 4 new people, re-hired 1 and 2 people have left. So you’ve not missed much.

I’ll start filling in some of the blanks over the coming days and weeks, as well as telling you all about the exciting new things that we’re doing at the moment. There’ll be some big announcements, some (hopefully) informative content, some (undoubtedly) controversial content and plenty for everyone to chew the fat over.

All in all, good to be back.

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