Friday, October 26, 2007

Wear it Pink

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today (Oct 26th) is the Breast Cancer Campaign's annual 'wear it pink' day. So I'm currently sat here in a 'wear it pink' t-shirt, drinking some pink sugary stuff, eating pink sweets and looking at a sea of pink colleagues all around me. We try and raise some money for this good cause every year by doing raffles, a quiz and selling pink cakes, sweets etc. All great fun and the charity bit gives everyone a nice warm, fuzzy feeling.

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, so it's one of those charities I'm inclined to be a bit selfish about. It's funny how when it hits you directly you're far more likely to see the benefit of raising the money. My mum is fine fortunately; she had some great doctors and nurses and a good surgeon that helped her through it all. It could come back though so it makes you eager that plenty of money still goes into finding the cure for this horrible illness. Plus, depending on the genetics involved (my mum is having some genetic tests in a few weeks, science never ceases to amaze me) my sister, aunties and female cousins could all be in the high risk category. So I have a vested interest in organisations like the Breast Cancer Campaign doing well.

Charity is probably the most rewarding thing anyone can do though. The feeling of knowing you've helped someone (even someone totally remote from you who you'll never likely meet) is completely unique. If you haven't put your social hat on for a while I recommend giving it a go today. It's not too late to join in with 'wear it pink'. Or maybe there's a cause close to your heart. Whatever it is, invest a bit of time and a bit of money in it and I guarantee it'll be the most satisfying thing you do this weekend/week/month etc.

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Anonymous said...

A very worthy cause- well done Omnirms for doing your bit. And James, you’re right, helping others is the best feeling in the world!