Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Faces to names...

Hi all. I had a great idea today - let's get everyones' faces out there so people know who they're talking to if they call in or pay us a visit. The thing is, I hate those 'corporate' type photos, all sanitised and posed for. So instead I've created a place where I can keep all of the 'real' photos that we have of the Omni lot; photos from nights out, the Christmas party, days out the office etc. These will give a genuine (/hilarious in some cases) view of the company and hopefully will equally embarrass everyone!

The site I've decided to use to host the photos is Flickr. If you follow the link and create an account (it only takes a minute or 2), then do a search (search people rather than tags) for omniblog you'll be able to see all the photos. There's not many on there yet but I'll keep adding. Also, I'll write a special post everytime I upload some juicy new content. We're going bowling in 2 weeks so photos of me winning that will be up soon after!

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