Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Migrant workers a boon not a bane

I've thought it all along myself but it's still nice when people agree with you; the Institute of Directors (IoD) have released this article regarding migrant workers in the UK.

In summary for you:

"...there is considerable agreement from business leaders that migrant workers provide a vital boost to the UK economy."

I don't read the Daily Mail and don't intend to start but this tends to be the kind of thing they scream themselves hoarse about in my experience. Bulgarian workers stealing our jobs, Polish migrants taking over whole towns etc. Those ridiculous scare stories (mild xenophobia at best, outright racism at worst) should really have no place in our thinking when it comes to recruitment and it's good to see that UK business leaders (who lets be fair, are not always known as bastions of moral integrity!) are on the mark with this one.

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Jane said...

It's funny that on a quite emotive subject such as migrant workers, sometimes it takes the cold-edged world of business to come out and say "hang on a minute - this is actually quite a good thing for Great Britain PLC".
Nice to see the IoD coming out on the side of Polish brickies and Slovak plumbers!