Monday, February 12, 2007

Are you a sheep?

Why can't I think of great, catchy names for things? I guess you've got to think of something worth the catchy title first though so maybe I should start there! Seth Godin (marketing guru is probably about right as a job title) is pretty good at both the ideas bit and the catchy titles. Today he comes up with 'Sheepwalking' to describe how people drift through their lives/careers just upholding the status quo, not innovating or changing and ruled by fear and the desire to follow the 'sheep'. Seth explains it really well, worth a read.

Are you sheepwalking your way through your job? If so is it time for a change? Will your employer let you shake things up? If not, are you in the right place? What happened to that great business idea/novel/trip of a lifetime you were planning?

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