Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines!

The most romantic day of the year today apparently. Sounds like an awful lot of pressure and expectation being put on one day so probably a recipe for disaster overall but lets be honest, who doesn't enjoy the garish sentimentality of it all, deep down?

Chaps, if you've forgotten the date today and are due an ear-bashing this link may be of use to you...

Ladies, if your man has proved himself a little forgetful then this may be the link that you're after today...

Whether you're single or all loved-up today I hope you have lots of fun. If you're stuck for things to do here are some Valentines related links to entertain:

- More than you ever wanted to know about Valentines Day

- The official bloggers wine branded suitably for Valentines

- Bid on gifts for yourself if you didn't get what you wanted

- And finally, why even if you're single today, there's always a few people worse off than you...

Big love everybody!

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