Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bowling night

Omni night out booked in the diary last week and we decided to go bowling at the nearby Trafford Centre. It was a hard fought contest between 4 teams with some exemplary performances. Highlight of the night has to be Craig bowling 5 strikes in a row! Not entirely sure where he got this bowling magic from, every other time we've gone he's been a bit rubbish! I think secret bowling lessons may have been involved! Having said that after a couple more pints the magic seemed to dissipate leaving his team way down the rankings. When the dust had settled it was my team (naturally) left victorious!

We do quite a lot of this kind of thing (socialising together, not bowling) and I do think it makes a difference in the office and how we work together. If you can have a couple of drinks quite happily with your colleagues and know them as a 'real person' the whole relationship during the 9 to 5 bit becomes easier in my experience. Plus if you see your boss jumping around in an arcade on one of those dance machines it breaks down the odd barrier or two I reckon...

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