Friday, April 13, 2007

The "world's local bank" do themselves proud...

Although I think I'm probably incapable of being surprised by the appetite to make money demonstrated by the worlds leading banks, HSBC have this week outdone themselves. You may have seen this story in the news recently but I thought it worthy of flagging up nonetheless as I think with all the advertising money and the massive charm offensive by banks like HSBC it is easy to forget that in reality they aren't the good guys they'd like you to think they are. Customers come second, money comes first. That is and always will be the way of it.

The stand-out quote of the story:

"...not everybody in the world is equal. Some people have higher incomes and need greater services through the bank. These customers demand a better service."

If I was a HSBC customer, that quote alone would be enough to make me switch banks.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe such a well known bank would want to divide society like this. I'm proud NOT to be a HSBC customer!!!

Anonymous said...

that is a disgrace, 3/4 of the country get penalised for not earning over the average salary for this country.