Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The secret

I can't believe we're already in April. Where's the year gone? I've had my head buried in graduate CVs and telephone interviews recently as it's backs against the wall time for my clients' grad scheme this year; the assessment days start next week with nearly 120 people being seen in total. Gulp!

Here's a quick post therefore, before I get back to the slog. But it's an important one. I want to tell you the secret. The one thing that matters. I've said it before but I wasn't as blatant about saying it. It's the one thing that impresses me. It's how to get on the PSL I run. It's how to buy some time on the phone with me. It's how to sell me a product and how to get me to evangelise for you. It's how to get noticed by me in virtually any context. It's how to convince me you're worth more money when it's salary review time and it's how you get my job.

Here it is. The secret.

Be Remarkable

( that literal sense I've talked about before, meaning what you do, I'll remark upon)

Now you have the secret I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it.

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