Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quick mind/link dump

Hi all! Hope everyone had a great Easter break and got some nice weather. Four days off and I feel fairly refreshed so whilst my brain is working reasonably well I'm going to put together a few links that I've come across over the past days/weeks. Bit of a brain dump to be honest so a real mix of links in there, both work related and not. Hopefully some will take your fancy.

- Seth's most important rule (which my thinking is very much in line with) ties in quite nicely with the secret I divulged last week

- Follow up from Guy on Carol Dweck and the different types of mindsets people have (for background see this previous post)

- An interesting post about stress and burnout at work from a new section of the always interesting PsyBlog.
N.B. Jeremy has decided to start up a Careers section on PsyBlog after good feedback on this post, that I've linked previously. Looks interesting so I'll doubtless be paying it a few visits as he starts to get some more content on there

- An interesting green post here. More on the whole green issue to come...Omni have some very interesting things in the (recyclable) pipeline

- The best t-shirt website known to man: Threadless is very cool and a shining example of a working user community. As the t-shirt says, I ♥ Threadless

- Another non-work link so for your lunch hour obviously ;-) This is something that I've always thought would be a good idea - design your own trainers. Good work Puma! (Not ridiculously pricey either, a good personalised birthday present for someone or just a nice treat for your feet)

That's it for now folks. Hope something tickles your fancy in there. Any comments etc

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Laura said...

I found the 'Design your own trainers' highly amusing and had great fun piecing together my masterpiece.
However, if you are thinking of going on this, be warned!! The trainers never look like what you think they will and mine ended up resembling something off a 80's reject pile!!