Thursday, May 03, 2007

Guest blogger next week - Craig Sweeney

I'm pleased to announce that next week in addition to the regular postings that I'll be making, we'll also have the pleasure of some content from Omni's Ops Director, Craig. Craig is going (along with Robert, the MD) to the HR Forum's annual meet-and-greet onboard a crusie ship called the Oriana. For those who aren't familiar with the concept basically it's a huge networking event where a group of 'clients' and a group of 'suppliers' are trapped on a boat for 3 days and forced to endlessly eat, drink, be merry and (most importantly) network!

Craig will therefore be blogging from the frontline, providing fascinating insights into potential new clients, interesting business opportunities and how to stay on your feet when drinking cocktails on a boat.

Best of luck Craig!

[Correction - the boat is actually the Aurora this year, it was the Oriana last year. Thanks for the heads up Bev!]

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