Thursday, December 13, 2007

Party time!

So we've got our Christmas party on Saturday. I know there's a variety of stories in the papers at this time of year about offices banning parties for fear of causing offence to non-Christians, others ranting about political correctness gone mad and so on but to be honest I'm of the opinion that the party we have every year doesn't do any harm (except to people's livers). I am aware of the offence such a tradition could cause though, and the inequities and inequalities in most workplaces regarding religious holidays and the like. I still think it would be a shame to lose our December-time shindig though, as it's so good for morale, getting to know colleagues, relaxing after a hard year etc. It's not that we don't socialise any other time (we do with regularity) but I'd say that the Christmas party is the one social event that everyone comes to.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this though, all comments welcome or email me on james at omnirms dot com if that suits better (just trying to avoid the spam bots harvesting my email there; if you do email just remember to change 'at' to '@' and 'dot' to the traditional full stop mark, like this '.')

Anyway, our party is going to be in Manchester city centre. The place is called Manchester235 and we've got a traditional turkey dinner in one of the restaurants, followed by drinks, dancing and gambling in the casino and bars. Should be great, thoroughly looking forward to it (although, less looking forward to having to buy a new suit, as I tore the one I was going to wear so have to brave the Saturday shopping traffic!)

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