Friday, December 28, 2007

Vote for Best UK Recruitment Blog of 2007

My friend and yours, Louise over at uk:recruiter, has had a jolly good idea and set up a vote for the Best UK Recruitment Blog of 2007. The voting list can be found here.

Yours truly is on the list, but I can say I won't be voting for myself. In fact it'd be remiss of me not to suggest that you vote for Louise herself, as her blog has been one of the highlights of the blogging scene for me in 2007.

There's lots of good blogs on there, and doubtless a great many more who just aren't on the list yet. When I started reading blogs (over 2 years ago now) there were very few I could find with any sort of recruitment bent. The growth in numbers represents both the staggering speed with which blogging and 'Web 2.0' is changing the way we do business and the ability of recruitment professionals to buck the outdated trends of their fore bearers and embrace the times.

I've had a great 2007 and hope everyone reading this has too. Here's to an even better 2008!

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