Friday, February 08, 2008

Ongoing changes...

As the more keen eyed amongst you will have noticed there's been a few little changes around here recently. Ok, ok, there's been some damn big changes!

I'm in the process of updating things, learning a little HTML, pulling together ideas and generally getting myself organised. Some things will stay, other stuff I'll doubtless change over and over! Patience with my progress would be much appreciated as I tend to like to tweak and chop until I get things how I like them.

You'll notice that I've renamed already though. I thought that was important to do straight away. I'll let you all into the thought process that went into choosing the new name very soon.

I'll post updates about the state of play here in the coming days. I also hope to have an exciting announcement about my plans for the future, so don't change that dial folks!


Anonymous said...

learning HTML/CSS etc is NEAT :-)
next step = LAMP/etc

James said...

@jlanghan - Neat is exactly right, I'm enjoying 'getting it' when I learn something new that before would have seemed far too complicated to bother with!

I like your resume genome project idea by the way, really interesting concept. That whole market (sourcing, evaluation etc) is crying out for someone to turn it on it's head imo. Maybe you're the one to do it!

Thanks for the comment, all the best.