Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Okay, here's an important post - sorry it's been nearly a week in coming...

The reason I've been quiet the past few days is because I've been trying to get myself sorted to some degree following some fairly major changes, or at least one in particular.

I'm leaving Omni.

This is something that has been a potential for some time. I (and the people I worked with) wasn't sure exactly how things would pan out but I have known for a while that some of the stuff I do (and want to do going forwards) doesn't fit in the Omni set up. No hard feelings, nothing bad. Just doesn't fit at the moment. So the question became how to manage the change.

Rob (the MD) and I sat down on Friday. Between us we came up with a plan that sees me take redundancy with the potential to continue to do some work for Omni (freelance etc) in the future. I'll then sort my stuff out and see where I go from there. I've got some ideas but nothing concrete. It needs some serious thinking.

I hope therefore that people will bear with me for the time being. There's going to be some changes coming. The layout and look of the blog will change for starters (I'll be taking off the Omni-related) stuff. Depending on how easy it is I may change the address (although I do worry about losing the subscribers etc I have. My readership isn't enormous but there's a few loyal fans out there. I don't want to blow what I've put up here the last few months, so I'll see what I can do).

I'll also rename the blog. I've got some ideas, but more on that later.

I'm genuinely excited about this opportunity that's now sitting in front of me. Pretty shit scared too. But more excited than terrified.

I'm trying to think of all the people I need to email about this stuff too, I've made some great contacts/friends the last 3 and a half years and really don't want to lose touch. If you think I might have missed you though then drop me an email. I've 2 addresses I check regularly jparr81 at gmail dot com and jparr81 at hotmail dot com.

Like I say, exciting times! I'll have my head more sorted in the next few days and will be back up to full speed here (with all kinds of crazy plans no doubt) by next week at the latest I reckon. Before that I'll try and update and stuff, but apologies in advance if I'm a bit sporadic or rambling.

Thanks to anyone who's been with me through my time at Omni, I've loved all of it (the ups and the downs equally) and hope I can go on and meet many more cool and interesting people here and in my career going forwards.

Take it easy all you good, good people.

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