Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's in a name? (Or why 'Be Remarkable James')?

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Well things are moving at pace in my post-Omni career. At the moment I'm still doing the nitty gritty, detail-heavy stuff. Plus I'm still on gardening leave until March. When things are sorted though my plan is to be in business for myself, offering my services (which I'll tell you all about soon) to individuals and small companies. Exciting times ahead!

In the meantime though, I'd promised to highlight where the new name for the blog came from. So here goes...

First off I must state what is an ongoing debt I have to Seth Godin. It was his his work on Purple Cows, Permission Marketing and Free Prizes that led me to address my genuine interest in marketing (new marketing, branding and communications in particular). If I had never found Seth's work my current direction would likely be very different now. Sometimes you just need to read something wonderful to push you in the right direction.

'Be Remarkable' is essentially my way of turning the material that I began to learn about (via Seth and others) into as simple a premise as possible. These ideas about remarkability (the qualities that some people, companies and products have that simply 'make people remark upon them') led me to my own thoughts on the vary nature of business. 'Be Remarkable' became my mantra essentially (and something I would preach it to all who would listen). I first mentioned it on the blog a good while back and I will doubtless mention it again many times over!

So 'Be Remarkable James' was really my only choice as a title. This blog is somewhere for me to share my thoughts and make connections with people. It is somewhere discussions will start and grow. It allows me to externalise my thought processes, my beliefs and my passions, and even better it allows other people to pass comment on them. Therefore it's also the ideal place to remind myself everyday to practice what I preach and to 'Be Remarkable'.

As well as thanks to Seth and the countless others who have inspired me (and who will deserve even more credit if the endeavours I have planned lead me to any kind of success) I'd also like to ask people a favour...

Whether you read this blog regularly or are reading it for the first time, whether you love it or hate it or just plain don't care, if I'm not being remarkable I want you to call me on it! If I write a 'me-too' post, if I'm slcaking off excessivley, if I talk rubbish or get things wrong - tell me! And if you think what I'm writing, doing or saying is remarkable, then hopefully you'll be inclined to remark upon it!

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