Friday, March 30, 2007

The Effort Effect

I found this link via Guy Kawasaki's exceptionally good blog. The article is right up Ollie's street but should be of particular interest to anyone who manages people or has kids. And if you don't fall into either category it's just pretty darn interesting and well worth being information that you store in your brain to pull out and wow (/bore) people with at parties (or is it just me that does that?)

The article is about Carol Dweck and you can see it here. Carol is a psychologist with an exceptional pedigree so what she says goes pretty much. My favourite bit:

Dweck’s students from over the years describe her as a generous, nurturing mentor. She’d surely attribute these traits not to an innate gift, but to a highly developed mind-set. “Just being aware of the growth mind-set, and studying it and writing about it, I feel compelled to live it and to benefit from it,” says Dweck, who took up piano as an adult and learned to speak Italian in her 50s. “These are things that adults are not supposed to be good at learning.”

Maybe I should pick up that guitar that I put down quite a few years ago now...


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