Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Great post for you to read...

...but it's someone elses, not mine! Just had to draw people's attention to a great post (and a very open and engaging ongoing discussion in the comments) on Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist blog. From the post:

Today, educators take a child’s lack of social skills seriously. Parents should also. For educators, any nonverbal learning disability (like not being able to tell if someone cares about what you are talking about) is treated as significantly as a verbal learning disability (like not being able to speak.) Yet I am stunned by how many parents brush aside recommendations from educators to get help for their children by saying to themselves, “My child is so smart.”
Smart is not an endgame. Even in a toddler.

Penelope is highly adept at bringing her own experiences to bear on what are always relevant and sometimes undiscussed subjects and this is another fine example. She also does it with an honesty and openess that I admire greatly (and strive to emulate myself here).

Hope you find the post interesting; if so pop the blog in your Google Reader and you won't be disappointed.

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