Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quick one

Back from holiday but still not put up a proper blog post - how lazy!

So this quicky is intended not as linkbait (I promise!) but because I'm short of time and want to share the following wonderful posts rather than quickly knock together something not anywhere near as useful to you. Enjoy them while I get my brain back in the right gear...
  • I found this chap via Euan of The Obvious and the post is about the new workforce gap. Loved it and he's now stuffed into my Google Reader
  • Another excellent post from Sonia Simone. It doesn't matter what she's writing about, you should read it immediately (and then read all her archives too)
  • A typically hilarious post from Scott Adams (he of Dilbert fame) about why he'd like to win the Nobel Prize
  • Finally, a science one from Mark 'Herd' Earls. If you're not usually into sciency posts, just try this one, you might like it...

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