Friday, November 30, 2007

New Omni Employee

I don't usually announce it on the blog when new employees start at Omni (although I should do, so hello to Jenny, Jo, Clair, Nicola, Emma and Howard, all of whom are reasonably new round these parts). However I had to make an exception for the newest member of the team.

Alfie joined us this week for the first time. He only came in for one morning but made himself at home straight away. He proved exceptionally popular with the ladies in the office, but is the sort who'd get on with the gents too. He's a tenacious and lively character and should be a big success with clients too. Some nepotism could be suspected, as Alfie does live with Rob, the MD. I think in reality though, it's safe to say he's here on merit.

You can see a picture of Alfie here...

All the best to him in his Omni career!

1 comment:

Nicola said...

I wish Alfie was based full time in the office, I have a spare desk next to me if he fancies sitting there!