Friday, January 04, 2008

Catch up and links

So because this blog is primarily a 'corporate' blog (kinda, sorta, in that I do it on work time, I try and talk about work related stuff and if I were to leave I'd likely have to leave it behind) I made a conscious decision to keep reasonably quiet over the holiday period. I figured if I chattered on over Christmas and New Year when the office wouldn't open, it would be more like this blog being all about me, which isn't the plan.

What I didn't count on was 2 things. First, how much I'd miss posting. And second how much great stuff I'd miss sharing with everyone over the holiday period. Now that I'm back at work and all caught up with things (only took me a couple of days!) I'm going to start blogging regularly again. However it would be a crying shame if I didn't share some of the great stuff that was out there over the last couple of weeks. So below are links to some of the best and brightest posts that dropped into my Google Reader since December 24th.

Jeff Jarvis moots flying as a social experience. If I worked for an airline, or knew someone who did, I'd be doing all I could to convince the people who control the purse strings to do whatever it takes to hire Jeff as a consultant. He could revolutionise that business, no exaggerations.

Hugh breaks down the Social Object concept in his inimitable style. So well written and such a good post it makes me want to find him and eat his brain. (N.B. I'll be endeavouring to write a bit on social objects myself in the coming days/weeks, but I'll never explain it as well as this, so it's worth reading now or you won't know what I'm going on about.)

Tim Ferris explains how he managed to escape the crappy weather and holiday-time misery to live it up in Argentina over Christmas
. If only he'd written this post before Christmas, I'd have happily followed suit!

Seth tells you how to problem solve. Simple, short and sweet as only Seth can make it.

Robert Scoble gets his Facebook account disabled! If you don't know Scoble then that probably doesn't mean much to you but trust me on this, it's a big deal!

Church of the Customer Blog always find interesting stories for me. This one is no exception. It describes what must be up there as possibly the most ridiculous corporate rule ever. Ever, ever in fact.

Alex tells us how to deal with anger at work. It's vitally important to keep anger under control at work, Alex spells out exactly why.

Penelope Trunk has picked up on the Gen Y issue again and very cleverly links it in with yesterdays voting for the next Prez of the United States in Iowa. I've talked about Gen Y a couple of times now and doubtless will do again. It's a sea change in the workforce I tell y'all, and it matters to everyone.

That's it for now people, I'm sure you'll enjoy a few of those at the least. I'll be back with some original content after the weekend, so see you then!

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