Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's a medal place for Omniblog!

At the tail end of last year I posted this, about the UK Recruiting Blog awards organised by the lovely and wonderful Louise Triance of uk:recruiter. Louise emailed me yesterday to let me know that the votes were in and counted and that the winner had been named.

Much to my great surprise I didn't receive nil points. In fact to my even greater surprise I came second! It's even on her blog, so I've got proof I'm not fibbing!

Therefore I just wanted to say thanks so much to all those who voted for little old me, it really is appreciated. One of the difficulties with blogging (or one of the difficulties I find at any rate, maybe it doesn't bother anyone else) is that quite often you can feel like you're just jabbering away to yourself. This, even with my massive ego and general love of the sound of my own voice, can be a bit disconcerting. It's why I appreciate the emails I receive and the comments on the blog and it's why I'm probably more pleased than I should be with the result. It's good enough just to know that a few people read my ramblings, it's spectacularly fantastic to think that some people actually enjoy what I write!

So thanks to all who voted, to all who've ever commented, to all who email me and to all who've read one post or read 'em all - you guys rock! I love blogging because it's let me start lots of new, cool and interesting conversations with new, cool and interesting (and seriously smart) people who I'd have likely never had the pleasure of engaging with any other way.

Things might be changing a little round here in the not-too-distant, so I'll keep you updated about all of that (it's a bit of a secret at the mo, sorry). I just really hope though that I can keep doing this for a good long while.

Cheers everybody!

P.S. If you're interested in recruitment particularly, the blog that beat Omniblog into the silver medal spot was most deserving: Pete Gold writes consistently relevant stuff for the savvy recruitment professional, so if you get chance have a read.


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