Friday, March 23, 2007

Q&A with JP

I've been interviewed for a post that Louise (from UK Recruiter) has just put up on her blog. You can read the interview here.

Almost like being famous this, maybe they'll call me up about the next series of Celebrity Big Brother...


Bev said...

Excellent! really enjoyed the swimsuit question!!!

Laura said...

A really good interview!
Although I'm a little concerned now about the colleague I sit next to!!
I'll have to make sure that when I do my next batch of lunchtime shopping and it includes female razors that I keep them well out of the way!!

Nicola said...

Famous at last! Well done.

Stephen Fowler said...

Hi James and welcome to the UK Recruitment blogging community.

Well done on persuading your boss to run with it, as I am still surprised how many companies have not taken advantage of the obvious benefits.

Anyway best of luck
PS Maybe we will meet for a beer next time I am in manchester

James said...

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the comment and the warm welcome.

I'm in the fortunate position of working for an organisation that 'get it' when it comes to blogging, web 2.0 etc so I'm going to make the most of it whilst I can (hence the editorial carte blanche leading to the odd rant here and there!)

I am hopeful that as blogging becomes a more widely accepted medium the increased take-up will lead to even more people in communities like this; shared knowledge and learning is the way forward in my mind.

In that vein too, drop me a mail next time you're round this way and I'll definitely be in for that beer!