Thursday, March 08, 2007

What hours do you work?

Quick link for you regarding 'Extreme Jobs'. Just goes to show that the supposed work/life balance revolution is still in it's infancy at best. If your working week sounds anything like the one described in this article though do something about it, quickly. It's not good for you and despite any claims to the contrary from your boss, it's not good for your company. How does it really help if you're great for the first few months in a job then a shell of yourself for the next year?

So act now, before you end up like Barbara:

Before Barbara Agoglia left her job as a director in American Express' small business unit, she was on the verge of burnout. Aside from logging upward of 50 hours per week, she had a 90-minute commute to and from northern Westchester and had to be reachable to clients nearly 24-7.
The breaking point came when her son started kindergarten and she didn't have time to wait with him at the bus stop. "The hamster-on-the-wheel analogy is the best way to describe how I felt," she says. For Agoglia, quitting felt like her only option.

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