Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happiness in the UK

Alex Kjerulf has announced what is a real coup for his 'happiness at work' agenda today, having released details of his latest partnership. Alex has joined forces with HP in an effort to increase the happiness of UK businesses. As Alex says:

The idea is that HP’s mobile products (laptops and mobile phones) allow us to work more flexibly - and flexibility, ie. having more choice over when and where to work, makes us happier at work.

The main elements of the campaign are:

I think this is absolutely fantastic news. As any regular readers will know I'm a huge fan of Alex and he's even mentioned me on his blog before, which is one way to guarantee me as a friend for life! This partnership shows that he is going from strength to strength. He's done a fantastic job of building his brand and deserves all the accolades and business opportunities that can come his way because he's working bloody hard for them.

If you were at all interested in happiness at work, but not sure where to start, you've now got no excuses! Enter the competition, get yourself a customised happiness survey and generally get with the Chief Happiness Officer's programme!

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