Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Optimum nutrition and Omni

Chances are if you made New Years resolutions about your diet you've lapsed a couple of times by now at least. I never make NY resolutions to be honest (food related or otherwise) because I'm so spectacularly bad at keeping them (although this year I like the idea of having a NY theme, which you try and incorporate into your regular habits).

However the diet one is probably one of the most frustrating for people. Good nutrition is a minefield of information (and misinformation) that would be nigh on impossible to follow to the letter at any rate. Here at Omni people felt exactly the same before Christmas.

So, last year we arranged for a nutritionist to come into the office and give a talk on good nutrition to the entire office. The nutritionist, Alison Irving, also offered one-on-one follow up sessions to those with particular worries or questions.

The whole thing was a resounding success. I'll admit that I went in sceptical (after all, it seems pretty much everyday something new turns out to be 'bad' for you). I was very pleasantly surprised though. Alison was realistic about the whole thing and didn't preach any ultra diet nonsense. Rather she focused on a few practical, simple things that people could do (particularly people who work in an office most of the time), like drinking more water and snacking on the right type of things.

None of it was rocket science and that's the beauty really. Nobody needs to be blinded by science with these things, they just want some honest advice about what they can do to improve their diet and nutrition.

We liked it so much in fact, that we've started working with Alison, offering her service to current and prospective clients of ours. Alison will go into organisations and deliver her talk to groups of employees, followed, if required, by one-on-ones with people. The idea is that by providing good advice to their staff about optimum nutrition, companies can improve performance and productivity (for example by eliminating that lethargic, post lunch period that everybody seems to suffer from).

I'd also say that if this is something that you'd be interested at all, Alison has said to me that she'd be happy to extend her client list a bit further. If you'd like the chance to talk to or meet Alison, then just let me know in the comments or via email and I'll happily arrange that. She's based in the North West, but if you're not and would still like to have her talk to your team that's something we could arrange.


Anonymous said...

Seeing Alison was very benificial. I thought I knew most things about food but she was so informative. Hence making a realistic NY resolution that I am still sticking to and its nearly the end of Jan

BOnda said...

very informative details thanks for that, nice article