Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Twitter, Twitter, Twittering on

I’ve posted about it before and discussed the topic with Louise over at uk:recruiter so apologies if you were bored of it back then and definitely don’t want to read another post on it! If that’s the case just skip to the next post and we’ll say no more about it (although in the words of Hilary Clinton this week, that hurts my feelings).

If however you’re interested at all I’d just like to ask you to have a glance (a longish glance maybe) at Twitter. I won’t try and sell any benefits or anything else here, it’d be better just to have a look and see what you think. Once you’ve done that come straight back because I’ve got someone to point you to…

OK, back? Right, the chap I want to point you to is Dennis Howlett, who I’ve blogged about a couple of times before. He’s written an article for about Twitter (and other related services) and gives a really solid round up of the situation and offerings currently. Have a read of the article here.

BTW, I even get a mention having twittered (should that be tweeted?) something to him in response to his query – just something to bear in mind if you ever want link-love from me! ;)

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